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$200,000 check for Medstar
$200,000 check for Medstar
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$200,000 check for Medstar
$200,000 check for Medstar

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Each year the Washington Cancer Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center diagnoses >2,000 people with new cancers. Approximately 15% of all patients enroll on a clinical trial. In addition, 56% of all enrollments are in minority populations, and this number makes the Washington Cancer Institute a national leader in minority cancer care. Approximately 18% of our African-American/Black women with breast cancer are enrolled on clinical trials, compared with only 1% nationally. Here are some things that funding is currently supporting:

The Washington Cancer Institute is the 5th largest convalescent plasma program in the country that uses recovered COVID-19 patient plasma antibodies to treat the most vulnerable and sickest of COVID patients. Dr. Aarthi Shenoy, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and National Institute of Health, has started a convalescent plasma program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center that has several important factors that will impact not only DC residents, but those nationally. These funds are being used to support needed diagnostic tests that must be done to safely identify plasma donors for the program. To date plasma has been collected on dozens of donors and has been provided to dozen of acutely ill COVID-19 patients with great results. The plasma program is not only benefiting the patients at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. We have shared the collected plasma to care for COVID-19 patients at other hospitals in both Washington DC and Maryland.They will:

  • Identify and screen potential plasma donors that have survived COVID-19
  • Develop a protocol to treat acutely ill patients with donor plasma as a potential treatment for COVID-19
  • Collect plasma specimens from donors and patients to conduct further research into effective COIVD-19 treatments

Dr. Ami Chitalia was awarded funds in 2019-2020 and initiated a study with the cardio-oncology team at MedStar Washington Hospital Center to assess breast cancer survivors’ risk of cardiovascular disease in the years following treatment. She has been successful in enrolling patients and working with the robust cardio-oncology team and hopes to complete enrollment this year when the COVID pandemic improves.

Dr. Asma Dilawari was awarded funds for a collaborative pilot with Paxman Scalp Cooling Company, offering an FDA approved supportive treatment to prevent hair loss in black women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was so helpful to offer this treatment free of cost as it normally carries a possible cost to patients of $2000.00 and is not covered by most insurances. Initial results of this study indicate that the treatment does not work in the same way for black hair types. Because of these findings, Paxman has taken measures to try to improve their caps and delivery. The results were accepted for a poster publication at this year’s ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) national meeting.

MedStar Washington Hospital

The Washington Cancer Institute, a part of MedStar Washington Hospital Center, treats more cases of cancer than any other cancer institute in the region. As it is the largest outpatient cancer center in the District of Columbia, serving nearly 82,000 outpatient visits with about 3,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed annually. No matter what the barriers may be for a patient, Washington Cancer Institute treats each individual and their family with the highest quality, compassionate care.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center, Washington Cancer Institute is a regional leader and national model for patient-focused cancer diagnosis and treatment that provides the highest quality, and latest medical advances in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Washington Cancer Institute delivers comprehensive, interdisciplinary care including surgical, radiation and medical oncology services, patient/family support services, cancer screening, education, and clinical trials.

* MedStar Washington Hospital Center is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Tax identification number: 52-1272129. All eligible contributions are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. All gifts are non-refundable.  

Medstar Washington Hospital Center


Here are a few ways your fundraising efforts support patients, doctors, and researchers:

  • Expert Physicians The Institute physicians are national experts in cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Customized Support Services– Cancer is life-changing. The Institute’s goal is to provide compassionate and professional care to each patient, promote the healing process, and support patients every step of the way.
  • Clinical Trials– The Institute provides patients access to many clinical trials, which offer new treatments for cancer.
  • A Healing Environment– The Institute is a national model and regional leader of patient-centered cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Technology– The Institute is one of the nation’s most technologically advanced cancer centers and is a national model and regional leader of cancer treatment.